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  • Levels at Dance Complex LOZ
  • Tiny Stars: 2-3 years old
  • Little Star: 3-5 years old
  • Mini Movers: 6-9 years old
  • Pre-Teen Fusioin: 9-12 years old
  • Dance Collective: 13-18 years old

BalletBallet is a classical dance form characterized by precise and controlled movements, with a focus posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination through a series of exercises at the barre and in the center.Any Color Leotard and
Pink Tights
Ballet Shoes
JazzEnergetic and expressive class where dancers learn to move to the rhythms and melodies of upbeat music.Tight-fitting Dancewear Jazz Shoes
LyricalStudents explore fluid and emotive movements that blend elements of ballet and contemporary dance, focusing on storytelling through choreography and expressing deep emotions through their dancing.Tight-fitting Dancewear No requirement. Mesh Half-Sole Lyrical Shoes encouraged.
ContemporaryOffers students a creative and fluid approach to movement, emphasizing self-expression, versatility, and a blend of various dance styles.Tight-fitting Dancewear Barefoot
Hip-HopExpect to learn urban dance styles characterized by rhythmic movements, intricate footwork, and dynamic choreography set to hip-hop music, fostering self-expression and creativity.Dancer’s ChoiceSneakers